On-Site Services

Making the transition from home to living in our facility can be stressful for some residents. To make this transition as easy as possible, we offer services to make their stay with us pleasant and enjoyable.

Onsite Services

Food Services

Our home provides three nutritious, home-style cooked meals daily, with the main meal at noon. There are dining rooms in the home with dietary and nursing staff in attendance to serve meals, and staff to provide feeding assistance if needed to monitor and ensure resident safety. The dietitian, in conjunction with the nursing staff, determines a seating plan that best suits resident needs.

A four-week rotating spring/summer and fall/winter menu offers a variety of nourishing foods. Menus are adjusted accordingly for special theme days. Weekly schedules and menus are posted in each dining room.

Snacks are available all day and evening in the kitchenettes. Residents may make coffee or tea, milk or juice, and have a light snack from the items provided. Meal tray service is provided during times of illness or frailty.

Food Brought in for Residents
Due to the risk of cross contamination, and in consideration of special diet restrictions, any food items brought for residents should be labeled with the person’s name and the date, and brought to the kitchen staff for distribution. Food is not be left in resident rooms.

Support Services

Housekeeping staff maintains a clean, safe and pleasant environment for Residents, staff and visitors. Resident areas are cleaned on a regular basis.

Guidelines have been developed for residents and family members to minimize room congestion and ensure resident safety. They are:

  1. Off-site seasonal storage is to be handled by a family member.
  2. Bed, night table, dressers, and a chair are provided to facilitate easy movement.
  3. Throw rugs, floor and wall-secured lamps are prohibited for safety reasons.

We have laundry service on premises, which is in operation 7-days/week. Since our laundry service uses commercial-grade equipment, we recommended that clothing be of durable, wash and wear quality. Bed linens are changed as needed.

The Maintenance Department maintains the interior and exterior of our building and grounds. We have a regular preventive maintenance program to preserve both resident and building equipment and furnishings. The Maintenance Department is also responsible for maintaining our Fire Safety equipment.

Hair Care Services

Queens Manor has a beauty shop located near the multi-purpose room. The hairdresser is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Appointments and services will be booked based on instruction and preference of the resident and/or their family member.  

Residents are invoiced monthly for this service.

Pastoral Care

Interdenominational church services are held every Thursday at 2:30pm. Clergy from the community serve on a rotational basis.

A communion service offered through the Trinity Anglican church is offered once a month.

Choirs from community churches hold hymn sings each Sunday at 2:30pm in the multi-purpose room. Contact the Recreation Director if you have any concerns or special requests.

Please view our recreation calendars for more information.

**Due to covid we are currently unable to provide this exact schedule of religious programs. To substitute, our Recreation Programmers prepare and offer church services, hymn sings, and devotionals on regular basis**

Specially trained Palliative Care Volunteers are available to offer a compassionate approach as part of the Palliative Care Team. When a resident or their family expresses their interest in this service, these volunteers are scheduled on a rotational basis to support a resident once they are deemed palliative.

Other Services Avaliable

  • Hearing and foot care available on-site
  • Library for quiet times and/or family celebrations
  • Landscaped gardens with Gazebo
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Behaviour Resources support
  • Adult Day Program
  • Caregiver support group
  • Dialysis program offered close by at Queens General Hospital for residents requiring Haemodialysis