About Us

Connecting with our Community

Our home is a dynamic part of our surrounding community. We provide support to seniors who are not residents and outside groups. We provide meals five days a week to the VON Support Services Meals-on-Wheels program. Our home also has relationships with area schools for inter-generational programs. Secondary school, college and university students complete a variety of clinical and training rotations each year, sharing new knowledge and learning from the experiences our staff share.

Involving Families

Families are an integral part in helping make the best decisions for their family member. We offer many opportunities for families to be involved. Families are encouraged to participate in resident conferences, recreation programs, mealtimes, completing resident/family satisfaction surveys and volunteer services.

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Our Facility

Queens Manor is a long-term care facility which opened in 1981  in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. We offer 24-hour care to those who can no longer care for themselves at home. We are a not-for-profit organization under the direction of a Board of Directors. At Queens Manor we believe in adding "life to years" offering second-to-none nursing care, nutritional and flavourful food, and a robust recreational and leisure program individually designed for each of our 61 residents. 

Quality Care

Caring is our passion. At Queens Manor the pride we take in our careers in Long Term Care is reflected in the level of care we provide our 61 residents. To see our full list of programs, please click here.

Our Strategic Plan

Working together, we will provide quality care. Community engagement, cultural competency, advocacy and learning will be the cornerstones of our future.

Queens Manor will provide optimal care in a home environment. We consider the residents as a whole person taking into consideration their emotional, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing. We provide an environment of caring, love, dignity and respect. We believe in self-worth and the right to choose.

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Resident Information

Every resident has right and responsibilities. We believe that each individual has the right to privacy, respect and dignity. Our home values the diversity and uniqueness of each of each and every one.We believe in inclusion and cultural respect regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or beliefs. We endeavor to meet the needs of every person, the whole person inclusive of physical, social, religious, and mental well-being.

Facility Policies

Core to our operations are our building policies and procedures. We provide up to date policies consistent with board direction as well as, legislative requirements under the various Acts to which we are accountable. For a concise description of each please contact us.

Contact Us

Our dedicated staff believe residents come first. We are proud of what we do and always willing to hear from you. If you have suggestions, input, and offerings that you would like to share with any of us please do so.

Queens Manor
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Phone: 902.354.3451
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