Quality Care

At Queens Manor, caring is our passion. We care for our residents. We care about the people with which we work. We care about the quality of our work and we take great pride in our careers in long term care.  The result?  A genuine "home" environment for residents, staff, and visitors alike where everyone is treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. 


Visitor Information

Visitors are encouraged to visit friends and family, or just come to get an overview of our facility. We ask that if you are new to the facility you please sign in and let us know you are here.

Infection control guidelines are sometimes in place at our facility to protect our resident’s well being during times of illness. Elders are particularly vulnerable to illness so we ask that you please respect any posted guidelines or to stay away if you are feeling unwell.

Recreation Programs

The Queens Manor Recreation Department is famously known for thinking outside the box and always finding new, thrilling, and occasionally even risqué ways to stimulate and excite our residents. We have been featured on local and national news forums for our innovation with one of the most prominent projects being our Aging with A Vengeance calendar, a fundraiser where we showcased residents proving you are never too old to have fun. More recently, we have started using the Rendever Virtual Reality system to allow our residents to explore the world, visit their favorite locations, and engage in a range of cultural experiences.

We welcome you to check out our Facebook Page, Queens Manor @queenscountyrocks to see more examples of our day-to-day fun.

Our home employs qualified recreation staff to plan and organize many special events and activities for the Residents. These programs are therapeutically designed to meet each individual’s social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. One of the main focuses of our Recreation Department is to break the stigma attached to aging and long-term care living and to get residents to engage in past, current and new leisure pursuits. Under this notion, we offer a variety of innovative interventions to meet the interests and abilities of all residents, ensuring optimal wellbeing.

Here is a list of our offered programs and events (Please note that Covid has limited our ability to offer several of these programs):

• Music programs: Sing-alongs, concerts, hand bell choir, Name that Tune
• Exercises: Weights, boxing, moving to music, yoga, stretching, etc.
• Religious programs: Church services, hymn sings (various denominations)
• Parties & social events: Birthday, Seasonal, Holiday, Special Events (Dine in Club, Valentine’s Day Tea, St. Patrick’s Day Pub, Cinco de Mayo, Car Show, Chinese New Year, Casino Day, Hawaiian Lua, etc.)
• Discussion Groups: Mens Group, reading circle, bird group 
• Active Games: Bowling, bocce ball, darts, horseshoes, etc.
• Bus Trips: Scenic Drives, outings, lunches in the community
• Summer Activities: Campfire Circle, Wheelers Club
• Word games: Crosswords, Trivia, etc.
• Technology & Social Media: Facetime, Skype, Zoom
• Classics: Bingo, Creative Arts, Baking, St. John Ambulance Pet therapy

Residents are encouraged to participate in all programs that appeal to them, regardless of their abilities. Residents are notified of upcoming programs by staff as well as are given a biweekly calendar of events.

Recreation staff also conduct 1-to-1 interventions for residents who are unable or prefer not to attend group functions. These programs provide individualized stimulation through conversation, exercise, iPad therapy, art therapy, nail care, and/or music in the resident’s room.

We welcome and strive to accommodate, any resident’s special interests, talents, and hobbies. Resident input helps our recreation staff tailor programs and introduce new ideas that benefit all. The perfect forum for this is our monthly Family/Resident Council meeting where residents and family members are encouraged to participate and provide input in decisions affecting all aspects of care. Representatives from Administration, Nursing, Environmental, Maintenance, and Recreation are present for this meeting and appreciative of feedback as well as are ready to address any and all concerns.

Dietitian Services

A registered Dietitian is on site five days per week. Upon admission to Queens Manor, the Dietitian will complete a nutrition and hydration assessment of all residents to determine a resident’s specific nutrition, therapeutic, fluid, and cultural needs. Nutrition and hydration assessments are reviewed quarterly to meet any changing needs. Nutrition interventions such as oral supplements (Ensure/Resource), adaptive utensils, plates, bowls, and cups as well as protein and calorie enhancers are regularly available to maximize each resident’s nutritional status and independence.

Medical Care

Medical Care at Queens Manor is overseen by our Medical Director. Additionally, residents are followed by their primary Health Care Practitioner (Family Physician or Nurse Practioner). Our Medical Director conducts rounds weekly, and visits Residents in their rooms. A Resident/family/Substitute Decision Maker may arrange an appointment to meet with the Medical Director  through one of our Registered Staff (RN/LPN). The nursing staff may also request that the doctor see any Resident whom they assess to need medical attention.

Family members are expected to accompany residents to health care appointments outside Queens Manor. Families are responsible for arranging outside medical appointments and Queens Manor staff will assist in arranging necessary transportation if necessary.

Nursing Services

The Nursing Department dedicates itself to a high standard of elder care. Its primary aim is to maximize the independence of each Resident and to provide as much support and comfort as possible. The Director of Nursing is responsible for the overall operation of the Nursing Department. A Registered Nurse (RN) is on duty or call 24-hours per day, 7-days a week.

Registered staff and continuing Care assistants (CCA) are assigned to provide nursing care during all shifts. Nursing staff monitor resident needs and assistance is given whenever needed (e.g. personal hygiene and grooming, mobility, use of toilet facilities, etc.).

Resident independence is encouraged and supported. Our staff are well trained and provide excellent care for individuals requiring increasingly complex care that may include: gastric feeding tubes, oxygen therapy and extensive wound management.

Day Program

The Queens County Adult Day Program is a service dedicated to community members who are experiencing challenges associated with the aging process or are in need of mental or physical stimulation. Additionally, the program serves as respite for caregivers, allowing these individuals to carry out their various role within their family and community.

The Day Program offers a safe environment with a trained professional to provide recreation services and opportunities for socialization. The program provides a variety of meaningful leisure activities as well as a healthy lunchtime meal. Transportation is also available for those who do not have their own means to get to and from the program.

Please note: The program does not provide nursing care or medication administration.

For more information please contact the Program Coordinator at 902-354-3451 ext 137


Dementia Support

Queens Manor has a designated Enhanced Unit dedicated to residents with dementia designed to provide a safe and enriched environment for its residents.